Open Letter to iTunesU Content Creators

This has been a long time in coming, but we have moved everyone’s public content over to the new iTunesU site manager. It is radically different in how it is managed. There are help materials available at

We will be making this the replacement for the old site very soon.

If you are not already a collection manager for the new iTunesU site manager, contact me and I will add you. A collection manger can manage feeds, add content etc that they are affiliated with. They have more flexibility that the old management structure…..but there is a trade-off, as there are no longer second tier administrators any more. The more I work with the new site manager the more I am convinced that this may not be the problem that I initially thought it would be – if you are currently an administrator for your college, you would now become a collection manger and be added to any feeds that are through your college or organization – you can have more than one contributor to a feed.

The “old” iTunes site will continue to be available for submission and delivery of private content. Any content published through the old site will continue to be safe, but will also be by default only available to those that can use NCSU authentication. We will continue to offer granularity down to the course level as well for managing content. However, this content will by it’s nature not be seen at all through Apple’s iTunes site – only content we publish through the new site manager will be be searchable through iTunes, Google etc.

We have two more people now that can handle iTunes housekeeping duties – so response times through will be much better.

I will be offering a lunch and learn on the new public site manager this fall, but am also thinking of offering a workshop as well for content creators/managers. If you think this would be useful, drop me a line.

Thanks for supporting iTunesU@NCSU with your content and other contributions