iTunes Private Site Discontinued

Important Service Announcement: Apple to discontinue iTunes U Private Sites on Sept. 1

Dear iTunes U Private Sites users,

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2016 Apple Inc. will discontinue its iTunes U Private Sites service. Their public sites service, which is what the majority of NCSU content creators are now using, will continue to be available.

As a result, your content on NC State’s iTunes U Private Sites,, will no longer be available, effective Sept. 1. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will NOT back up this content. Here’s what you should do now:

  • Download your content to an alternate location of your choice.
  • Verify if you have a Public Site Manager account.
  • It is possible that you may have already moved your content to the iTunes U Public Site Manager. To verify, go to iTunes:
  • Move, if you want, your content to iTunes U Public Site Manager if it hasn’t been moved already. We can assist with doing that. All content stored in the Public Site Manager cannot be restricted and is available to the public.

Content creators or facilitators can migrate their content or request a channel for the Public Site Manager. To do so:

  • Send an email to
  • Put iTunes Feed Request in the subject line.
  • Include the following in the body of the email:
    Title of the channel
    Apple IDs that will be associated with the account
  • To create an Apple ID, see My Apple ID:

Additional resources

Accessing and archiving content from iTunes U private sites
iTunes U services, including distributing content in public and private iTunes U courses

The original email from Apple is included below.

iTunes U @ NC State Administration

Apple Logo
iTunes U
Dear iTunes U Administrator,

Since its introduction, iTunes U has been the education destination within iTunes with an ever-growing collection of the best educational content from around the world. Institutions have contributed over 1 million lectures, videos, books and more, and published over 10,000 courses to the iTunes U public catalog.

As institutions have focused more on contributing content to the public catalog and building public and private courses with the iTunes U app on iPad or using Course Manager, fewer and fewer institutions are using the original iTunes U private sites for distributing their content internally. As a result, Apple will be discontinuing legacy iTunes U private sites on September 1, 2015.

iTunes U public sites, iTunes U Public Site Manager, iTunes U Course Manager, and public and private course creation through the iTunes U app for iOS will continue to be supported. iTunes U 3.0 was just released last week, bringing homework hand-in, integrated grade book, PDF annotation, and one-to-one discussions to the iTunes U app for private courses.

If you wish to retain an archive of the content on your iTunes U private site, you can download all content before September 1, 2015. After that date iTunes U private sites and any content hosted on Apple’s servers associated with private sites will be deleted. Please read Accessing and Archiving Content from iTunes U Private Sites for more information.

For information about iTunes U services, including distributing content in public and private iTunes U courses, please visit

The iTunes U Team

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